Are you looking for ways to elevate your organization's success? Begin with embracing inclusivity in the workplace, develop diversity and witness the power of innovation unfold before your eyes. When employers cultivate a culture of inclusivity, they can expect to reap the rewards of enhanced productivity, increased employee morale, and improved customer engagement. When these three aspects combine, it makes for a highly valuable and respectful work environment that the employees truly enjoy coming to and in the end, for employers, this means more profit.  All employers can agree that more profit in their business is always good. Here are three positive ways to attract diverse applicants.

According to a McKinsey & Company report, companies with diverse workforces, especially workplaces with larger amounts of women in leadership roles, are 33% more inclined to have financial returns above their respective industry medians.

  1. Using inclusive and non-biased language in a job description is a great way to attract diverse applicants to apply for your job.  By using non-biased and inclusive language an employer can communicate in their work environment that everyone's feelings and contributions are valued and promote the success of the business. It can also be helpful to use gender neutral pronouns such as “they” or “their” to avoid assuming an individual's gender. Likewise, using inclusive language like "people with disabilities" instead of "disabled people" is a more respectful way to refer to individuals with disabilities. When job seekers see themselves positively in a job listing, they're more likely to put in an application.
  2. Offering internships, apprenticeships or mentoring programs is another great way to attract diverse talent. These programs can provide opportunities for individuals from underrepresented or disadvantaged backgrounds to gain experience and build their skills, which can improve their job prospects and increase their confidence. This can help to break down barriers to entry and create more diverse pipelines for talent.
  3. Develop relationships with diverse community partners and organizations, and attend job fairs and networking events. Business owners can build trust and establish positive relationships with community leaders and organizations, which can help to increase their credibility and reputation as a welcoming and inclusive workplace. Job fairs and networking events provide opportunities for companies to broaden their reach and engage with potential applicants, who may not have otherwise considered or be knowledgeable about their business. Just connecting with job seekers in person can increase the diversity of the applicant pool leading to a more inclusive and innovative work culture.

In conclusion, attracting diverse talent to apply for and accept positions in your business is critical for building an inclusive and innovative workplace culture. By implementing strategies such as offering internships and mentoring programs, developing relationships with community partners and organizations, attending job fairs and networking events, and using non-biased language in recruitment materials, companies can create a welcoming and supportive environment for a wider range of candidates. Hiring practices that prioritize diversity and inclusivity not only attract top talent from diverse backgrounds, but also advance a culture of innovation and contribute to a more equitable and just society for everyone.