Helping Future Entrepreneurs

Are you thinking of starting a business? A blueprint for achieving goals is vital in starting a business. And that’s precisely what a business plan outlines.


15-minute Consultation

Rubi’s Positive Empowerment provides business development services to individuals working with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation in the self-employment program. We specialize in assisting individuals in developing a feasibility study—an essential first step in analyzing whether a business idea will be profitable.

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs develop their action plans and move an idea into reality and profit.

We assist future entrepreneurs in developing a well-designed business plan. Some essential aspects to include in a business plan are:

  • Executive Summary

  • Business Description

  • Marketing Plan

  • Operations Plan

  • Detailed Financial Plan


Rubi’s Positive Empowerment

Everyone can succeed if they know what to do and which way to go. Rubi’s Positive Empowerment will light your way into opportunities that will help you fulfill your passion and use your talent to the best of your ability.

Our multifaceted approach is designed to help individuals identify their strengths, find their voice, and understand how they can use their unique abilities to contribute to their community. You can get that dream job, and we will support you in your journey!

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Benefits Planning

Thinking about entering work can be an uncertain time, and most worry about losing their benefits prematurely.

Job Development

Finding success in any chosen career path ultimately depends on the way an individual begins their journey.

Job Coaching

Building a great career does not end with landing your dream job.

Worksite Setup

Everybody has to start somewhere, so Rubi’s Positive Empowerment provides a platform to help you.