Welcome to Divine Radiance: A Soulful Coaching Program for Spiritual Illuminators

Chart your own course with personalized plans designed to help you thrive on every level of your being.

Tailored Spiritual Coaching for Personal Transformation

Immerse yourself in a personalized journey of self-discovery and empowerment with our one-hour deep dive retreats, uniquely crafted to address your specific needs and circumstances. During your deep dive experience, you’ll have the opportunity to select from a variety of modalities, each designed to support your spiritual growth and well-being:

  • Release past traumas and energy blocks through powerful energy healing techniques.
  • Cleanse and balance your chakras to enhance vitality and well-being.
  • Engage in self-awareness exercises to foster self-belief and recognize your unique gifts and purpose.
  • Transform weaknesses into sources of power through introspective practices.
  • Explore intuitive eating and body talk techniques to a deeper connection with your body and inner wisdom.
  • Practice meditation and mindfulness for inner peace and clarity.
  • Connect with higher consciousness for insights and guidance on your spiritual journey.
  • Cultivate practices to amplify your inner light and radiance.
  • Define your spiritual mission and set actionable goals aligned with your purpose.
  • Develop intuitive and psychic abilities to deepen your connection with spirit.
  • Connect with spirit guides and angels for guidance and support.
  • Attract abundance and prosperity into your life through manifestation techniques aligned with your spiritual path.

Experience the holistic benefits of our one-hour deep dive retreats, where you’ll gain greater self-awareness, deeper trust and alignment with your path, enhanced intuitive and healing abilities, clarity of purpose, and improved energetic boundaries. Join us on this transformative journey today.

Note: Please be aware that due to time constraints, not all modalities may be covered in a one-hour session. Mini retreats are conducted in-person for those in the Colorado Springs, CO area, or virtually to accommodate participants anywhere in the world.

Meet Theresa Garcia, your compassionate guide and retreat facilitator on the path of self-discovery. With a deep understanding of holistic wellness and empowerment, Theresa draws from her diverse background and expertise to support individuals in embracing their true selves and tapping into their full potential.

As a Holy Fire Reiki Level 2 Master, Theresa channels healing energy to facilitate profound transformations and energetic shifts. Her commitment to helping people discover their passions and enhance their skills is evident in her roles as a HeartMath coach, Mindvalley coach, and Psyche-K practitioner, where she empowers others to access their inner wisdom and create positive changes in their lives.

Inspired by her own journey, Theresa brings a heart-centered approach to guiding others towards their paths of spiritual awakening and empowerment. Through her leadership, participants have the opportunity to delve deep into practices such as energy healing, meditation, mindfulness, and manifestation, fostering greater awareness, inner peace, and alignment with divine purpose.

With Theresa as your facilitator, you’ll embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowered to shine your light brighter and make a positive impact on the world. Join Theresa and experience the profound healing and growth that awaits on the path to self-realization and spiritual fulfillment.